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Well this is my entry for the LibGDX game jam! This is my first ever jam, and I hope to be in more in the future! During the development of this game I have learned much about LibGDX (and about how fancy things look with Box2DLights :)), although this is mostly in the what not to do category. There is plenty of room for improvement, and as right now there isn't that much to the game overall. If you have ever played Enviro-Bear, the gameplay (at least goal wise) is similar.

If I'm going to continue this game I already have a ton of ideas, such as I'll post here:

  • More Interesting Enemies
  • More Interesting Levels
  • Possibly Infinite Levels
  • Non-Spherical Asteroids (More like random polygons)
  • More Interesting Sounds
  • Upgrade Menu?
  • Be Mobile Friendly (This currently works on android, just not very well)
  • More!

Anyways, you can check out the source code here and watch a bunch of development videos here:

Thanks for looking at my LibGDXJam submission and have a nice day!

Install instructions

This is a Java program. As such, you need to have Java installed. Enjoy!


Florps Game 22 MB

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